Nebraska Revised Statute 12-510

Chapter 12


Perpetual special care trusts; power to act as trustee; investment of funds; disbursement of income.

Such association shall be authorized to receive as trustee, money and other personal property, and real estate and interests therein, transferred or conveyed to it in trust for the purpose of providing for the care, embellishment or decoration of burial lots, graves, tombs, vaults, crypts, niches, tombstones, and other monuments and decorations. It shall have power to administer such trust and to invest and perpetuate such trust funds, under such terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the bylaws of such association, and shall have power to enter into contracts with the owners of such graves, vaults, burial lots, crypts, niches, or other places for the disposal of the dead, for the perpetual care thereof. Said trusts shall be known as perpetual special care trusts, and shall be invested and from time to time reinvested and kept invested in securities authorized by the laws of Nebraska for the investment of trust funds. The income earned thereon shall be used solely for the purposes of perpetual special care as set forth in the respective trust agreements made between the association and said donors. A separate individual account shall be kept by the association of each of the perpetual special care trusts so that the condition of each may be determined on the books of the association at any time; but said perpetual special care trust funds may be commingled for investment, in which event the income therefrom shall be divided between the various perpetual special care trusts in the proportion that each trust fund contributes to the principal sum so invested. All such funds shall be held in the name of the cemetery association as trustee, except as hereinafter provided.


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  • This section deals with the subject of specific gifts for special purposes. Root v. Morning View Cemetery Assn., 174 Neb. 438, 118 N.W.2d 633 (1962).

  • Cemetery association had authority to receive property as trustee. Tetschner v. Cram, 157 Neb. 734, 61 N.W.2d 378 (1953).