Nebraska Revised Statute 12-1115

Chapter 12


Pre-need sales agent; license required; fee; failure to surrender license; penalty.

(1) No agent shall make any pre-need sales on behalf of a pre-need seller in this state without first obtaining a license from the director. The director shall not issue such a license without requiring the proposed agent to fill out an application form stating his or her name, address, and telephone number and the pre-need seller for whom he or she will be making pre-need sales. The pre-need seller for whom the agent will be making pre-need sales shall also sign the agent's application and agree to be responsible for supervising the agent in conjunction with any pre-need sales. The fee for an agent's license shall be twenty dollars which shall accompany the application.

(2) The agent's license, when issued, shall allow the agent to make pre-need sales only for the pre-need seller whose name appears on the license. If the agency relationship between the pre-need seller and the agent terminates for any reason, the pre-need seller shall immediately notify the department of such termination. Once such notification has been received, the acts of the agent shall no longer be imputed to the pre-need seller and the agent's license shall be considered as void. The agent, upon written request by the department, shall surrender to the department the license within a period of ten days after the receipt of such written notice. Failure on the part of the agent to surrender the license after written notification shall be a Class IV misdemeanor.

(3) It shall be the responsibility of the licensed agent to notify the director of any change of the agent's address.