Nebraska Revised Statute 12-1110

Chapter 12


Pre-need seller; report; requirements; fee.

Each pre-need seller shall file a report with the director on or before June 1 of each year in such form as the director may require. The report shall contain the name and address of each trustee with which the pre-need seller has trust funds on deposit and the amount on deposit with each such trustee as of December 31 of that year or such other reporting period as the director may establish. The report shall include a list of all amounts retained as required by section 12-1114. Any pre-need seller who has discontinued making pre-need sales but who continues to have trust funds on deposit with a trustee or trustees shall not be required to obtain a renewal of his, her, or its license but shall continue as long as trust funds are being held to make reports to the director. Each such report, when filed with the director, shall be accompanied by a fee of fifty dollars.