Nebraska Revised Statute 11-117

Chapter 11


Bonds and oaths; officers reelected, reappointed, holding over; requirements.

When the incumbent of an office is reelected or reappointed he shall qualify by taking the oath and giving the bond as above directed, but when such officer has had public funds or property in his control, his bond shall not be approved until he has produced and fully accounted for such funds and property. When it is ascertained that the incumbent of an office holds over by reason of the nonelection or nonappointment of a successor, or of the neglect or refusal of the successor to qualify, he shall qualify anew within ten days from the time at which his successor, if elected, should have qualified.


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  • Elected county officials are required to give individual official bonds. Blanket bond is not sufficient. Foote v. County of Adams, 163 Neb. 406, 80 N.W.2d 179 (1956).

  • Township officer must in addition to filing oath and bond under this section comply with requirements of section 23-242. State ex rel. Luckey v. Weber, 124 Neb. 84, 245 N.W. 407 (1932).

  • Death of newly elected officer before beginning of term, without qualifying, does not create a vacancy where there is a qualified member who qualifies anew and whose term of office does not expire until successor is elected. State ex rel. Schroeder v. Swanson, 121 Neb. 459, 237 N.W. 407 (1931).

  • Where officer appointed to fill vacancy is entitled to hold over, and files proper bond in due time, fact that county board refused to act upon same within time prescribed by law will not create vacancy. State ex rel. County Attorney v. Willott, 103 Neb. 798, 174 N.W. 429 (1919).

  • If newly elected or appointed officer fails to qualify, present incumbent may qualify anew. State ex rel. Shaw v. Rosewater, 79 Neb. 450, 113 N.W. 206 (1907).

  • Provisions of section are mandatory; incumbents reelected must qualify anew; and must render an accounting of all public funds on hand before bond can be approved. Woodward v. State ex rel. Thomssen, 58 Neb. 598, 79 N.W. 164 (1899).

  • Officers or incumbents, reelected, reappointed, or holding over where successor has been elected but fails to qualify, must qualify in same manner as newly elected officers. State ex rel. Berge v. Lansing, 46 Neb. 514, 64 N.W. 1104 (1895).

  • Incumbent holding over must qualify anew within ten days from time at which his successor should have qualified. State ex rel. Roche v. Cosgrove, 34 Neb. 386, 51 N.W. 974 (1892).