Nebraska Revised Statute 11-115

Chapter 11


Bonds; failure to furnish; show cause order; effect.

If any person elected or appointed to any office neglects to have his or her official bond executed and approved as provided by law and filed for record within the time limited by sections 11-101 to 11-122, the officer with whom the bond is required to be filed shall immediately issue an order to such person to show cause why he or she has failed to properly file such bond and why his or her office should not be declared vacant. If such person properly files the official bond within ten days of the issuance of the show cause order for appointed officials or before the date for taking office for elected officials, such filing shall be deemed to be in compliance with sections 11-101 to 11-122. If such person does not file the bond within ten days of the issuance of such order for appointed officials or before the date for taking office for elected officials and sufficient cause is not shown within that time, his or her office shall thereupon ipso facto become vacant, and such vacancy shall thereupon immediately be filled by election or appointment as the law may direct in other cases of vacancy in the same office. This section does not apply to county officers covered pursuant to subdivision (22) of section 11-119.


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  • 1. Vacancy

  • 2. Effect

  • 3. Miscellaneous

  • 1. Vacancy

  • Where school district treasurer fails to have official bond executed, approved, and filed, the office becomes ipso facto vacant. School District of Omaha v. Adams, 151 Neb. 741, 39 N.W.2d 550 (1949).

  • Failure of person reelected or reappointed to take oath and give bond within time provided creates vacancy the same as with newly elected or appointed officer. State ex rel. Berge v. Lansing, 46 Neb. 514, 64 N.W. 1104 (1895).

  • 2. Effect

  • Elected county officials are required to give individual official bonds. Blanket bond is not sufficient. Foote v. County of Adams, 163 Neb. 406, 80 N.W.2d 179 (1956).

  • Where person elected to county office fails to file bond in required amount, with oath endorsed thereon, on or before time specified, approval will not be compelled by mandamus. State ex rel. Baird v. Slattery, 108 Neb. 415, 187 N.W. 899 (1922).

  • If newly appointed officer fails to qualify, incumbent may qualify anew under section 11-117. State ex rel. Shaw v. Rosewater, 79 Neb. 450, 113 N.W. 206 (1907).

  • Where bond was presented in time but not approved by reason of neglect of approving officer, no forfeiture of office results. Duffy v. State ex rel. Edson, 60 Neb. 812, 84 N.W. 264 (1900).

  • Incumbent has right, within ten days after his successor is declared ineligible, to give bond, qualify, and hold over until successor is elected and qualified. Richards v. McMillin, 36 Neb. 352, 54 N.W. 566 (1893).

  • 3. Miscellaneous

  • Official bond, after approval, should be returned to obligor, and by him filed in proper office, and until so filed, it is not effective. Paxton v. State, 59 Neb. 460, 81 N.W. 383 (1899).

  • This section does not apply to a claimant who through carelessness, negligence or willful omission of election board failed to receive certificate of election. State ex rel. Barton v. Frantz, 55 Neb. 167, 75 N.W. 546 (1898).

  • This section does not apply where the incumbent holds over on account of the failure to elect a successor. State ex rel. Thayer v. Boyd, 31 Neb. 682, 48 N.W. 739 (1891), 51 N.W. 602 (1892).

  • This section does not apply to school district officers. Frans v. Young, 30 Neb. 360, 46 N.W. 528 (1890).