Nebraska Revised Statute 11-107

Chapter 11


Bonds; county, precinct, township officers; approval; filing; place; recording.

The official bonds of all county, precinct and township officers shall be approved by the county board, except the official bonds of the county commissioners or supervisors, which shall be approved by the county judge. All such bonds shall be filed and recorded in the office of the county clerk, except the bonds of the county clerk and members of the county board, which shall be filed and recorded in the office of the county judge. The official bond of a school district treasurer must be approved by the president and secretary, and filed in the office of the treasurer of the county.


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  • Elected county officials are required to give individual official bonds. Blanket bond is not sufficient. Foote v. County of Adams, 163 Neb. 406, 80 N.W.2d 179 (1956).

  • County judge will not be compelled by mandamus to approve bond of county commissioner where oath not endorsed thereon. State ex rel. Baird v. Slattery, 108 Neb. 415, 187 N.W. 899 (1922).

  • Bond must be filed and approved, or no action can be had against sureties. Fire Assn. of Philadelphia v. Ruby, 58 Neb. 730, 79 N.W. 723 (1899).

  • All bonds of county officers, except commissioners and supervisors, are required to be approved by the county board and filed and recorded in the office of the county clerk, but sureties cannot escape liability because bond was not filed and approved in time. Holt County v. Scott, 53 Neb. 176, 73 N.W. 681 (1897).

  • In approving bonds, county board acts as a body, and the approval is not the act of a member or individual members thereof as persons. Board must approve bond of county treasurer. Stoner v. Keith County, 48 Neb. 279, 67 N.W. 311 (1896).

  • Until bond of officer is filed and approved, he is not a de jure officer. McMillin v. Richards, 45 Neb. 786, 64 N.W. 242 (1895).