Nebraska Revised Statute 11-102

Chapter 11


Bonds; state officers; form.

All official bonds of state officers must be in form joint and several, and made payable to the State of Nebraska in such penalty and with such conditions as required by sections 11-101 to 11-122, or the law creating or regulating the office; Provided, however, all bonds of state officers in excess of one hundred thousand dollars, when executed by more than one guaranty, surety, fidelity or bonding company as sureties, may be several in form and limit the liability of any one company to an amount less than the total penalty of the bond, provided that the aggregate amount shall not be less than the penalty required by law.


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  • Bond of village treasurer, joint and several in form, is not void as to surety because of failure of principal to sign it. Village of Hampton v. Gausman, 136 Neb. 550, 286 N.W. 757 (1939).