Nebraska Revised Statute 10-703

Chapter 10


Issuance; election; resolution of board; petition; form; content; exception.

A vote shall be ordered upon the issuance of such bonds, either (1) upon resolution of a majority of the members of the school board or board of education, or (2) whenever a petition shall be presented to the district board suggesting that a vote be taken for or against the issuing of such amount of bonds as may therein be asked for (a) to purchase a site for or build a schoolhouse or schoolhouses or a teacherage or teacherages, or to purchase an existing building or buildings for use as a schoolhouse or schoolhouses, including the site or sites upon which such building or buildings are located, (b) for furnishing the necessary furniture and apparatus for the same, (c) for retiring registered warrants, (d) for paying for additions to or repairs for a schoolhouse or schoolhouses or a teacherage or teacherages, or (e) for all of these purposes, which petition shall be signed by at least ten percent of the qualified voters of such district.


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  • This section does not apply to school district of Lincoln. State ex rel. School Dist. of the City of Lincoln v. Barton, 91 Neb. 357, 136 N.W. 22 (1912).

  • School board is without power to call an election to issue bonds for any purpose not suggested in petition signed by the necessary number of electors of district. Allen v. School Dist. Nos. 19 and 41, Joint, of Buffalo and Hall Counties, 89 Neb. 205, 130 N.W. 1050 (1911).

  • Petition to call election is condition precedent to issuance of bonds, and decision of board on sufficiency of petition is not conclusive but is a judicial question cognizable by the courts. Fullerton v. School Dist. of the City of Lincoln, 41 Neb. 593, 59 N.W. 896 (1894).

  • Bonds may be issued for either one or all of the purposes stated in this section. School Dist. No. 11, of Dakota County v. Chapman, 152 F. 887 (8th Cir. 1907).