Nebraska Revised Statute 10-404

Chapter 10 Section 404


County and city bonds; publication required; resubmission limited.

Upon a majority of the votes cast being in favor of the proposition submitted, the county board, in the case of a county, and the city council, in the case of a city, shall cause the proposition and the result of the vote to be entered upon the records of said county or city, and a notice of its adoption to be published for two successive weeks in any newspaper in said county or city, if there be one, and if not, then without such publication; and shall thereupon issue said bonds, which shall be and continue a subsisting debt against such county or city until they are paid and discharged; Provided, that the question of bond issues in such county or city, when defeated, shall not be resubmitted in substance for a period of six months from and after the date of said election.


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  • Section is specifically limited to counties and cities. Lang v. Sanitary District, 160 Neb. 754, 71 N.W.2d 608 (1955).

  • If notice is not published, bonds are void. Wilbur v. Wyatt, 63 Neb. 261, 88 N.W. 499 (1901).