Nebraska Revised Statute 10-304

Chapter 10


Coupon bonds; terms; rate of interest; tax levy.

Before issuing bonds under the provisions of sections 10-301 to 10-303, the board issuing the same shall by resolution entered upon its records recite the number and denomination of the bonds to be issued, the rate of interest, and to whom and when payable. Such bonds shall be payable in not more than twenty years from the date of their issue, or at any time on or after five years from the date of issuance thereof, at the option of the board issuing the same. They shall bear interest payable annually or semiannually, as provided in said bonds. Said board shall levy a tax on all the taxable property in such county, precinct, township or town, city, village or school district in addition to other taxes, to pay the interest and principal of said bonds as the same shall mature.


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