Nebraska Revised Statute 10-119

Chapter 10 Section 119


Precinct bonds; retirement; taxes; levy and collection; duties of county board and county treasurer.

The county board shall, at the usual time of levying taxes in each year, levy a tax upon all the property of the proper precinct, sufficient to pay the annual interest on the bonds and the principal thereof, in accordance with the terms of the proposition under which the bonds were issued. Taxes so levied shall be collected by the county treasurer as other taxes are collected, and the proceeds of the levy shall be retained by the county treasurer and used for the payment of interest on the bonds and the principal thereof as the same become due to the holder thereof, except that in cities having a population of more than fifty thousand inhabitants as determined by the most recent federal decennial census or the most recent revised certified count by the United States Bureau of the Census, the money so collected shall be forwarded to or retained in the treasury of the city for the payment of bonds and interest for which the money was collected.