Nebraska Revised Statute 10-102

Chapter 10 Section 102


Remittances; how made; expenses.

All officers, designated by law for the purpose, shall remit to the State Treasurer, or county treasurer, at least ten days before maturity of any bonds or coupons heretofore or hereafter made payable at the office of the State Treasurer, or the office of any county treasurer, sufficient money out of the tax collected for the purpose, for the redemption of such bonds and coupons. All expenses for exchange and postage, shall be a proper charge against the state, county, city, township, precinct, village, school district or other political subdivision, for which such money is remitted, and shall be allowed the treasurer in his settlement. Any and all such bonds and coupons as shall be paid by any county treasurer shall be a charge against the proper fund of any township, precinct, city, village, school district or other political subdivision for which he has collected taxes or received the funds. Each county treasurer in making remittance for the payment of bonds and coupons shall make such remittance either in New York bank exchange or federal reserve bank exchange or its equivalent.


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