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86-1301 Act, how cited.
86-1302 Terms, defined.
86-1303 Broadband Bridge Program; created; purpose; administration; funding; legislative intent.
86-1304 Grant; purpose; application; matching funds; required, when; qualifications; testing; repayment, when; restriction on eligibility.
86-1305 Grants; priority for distribution.
86-1306 Grant applications; weighted scoring system.
86-1307 Grants; applications; commission publish proposed projects, project areas, and broadband Internet service speeds; challenge; procedure; civil penalty.
86-1308 Grants; funding; conditions; limitation; maximum amount.
86-1309 Nebraska Broadband Bridge Fund; created; use; investment.
86-1310 Rules and regulations.
86-1311 Act; how construed; commission; duties.
86-1312 Federal funds; administration; coordination; allocation.