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Search for statute range from 77-202 to 77-202.10
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77-202 Property taxable; exemptions enumerated.
77-202.01 Property taxable; tax exemptions; application; requirements; waiver of deadline; penalty; lien.
77-202.02 Property taxable; exempt status; application; hearing; procedure.
77-202.03 Property taxable; exempt status; period of exemption; change of status; late filing authorized; when; penalty; lien; new applications; reviewed; hearing; procedure; list.
77-202.04 Property taxable; exempt status; delivery of copy of final decision; appeal; failure to give notice; effect.
77-202.05 Property taxable; exempt status; Tax Commissioner; forms; prescribe; contents.
77-202.06 Repealed. Laws 2004, LB 973, § 72.
77-202.07 Repealed. Laws 2004, LB 973, § 72.
77-202.08 Repealed. Laws 1997, LB 271, § 57.
77-202.09 Cemetery organization; exemption; application; procedure; late filing.
77-202.10 Cemetery organization; period of exemption; annual review.