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51-202 City or village library; library board; members; elected or appointed; terms; vacancies, how filled.
51-203 County or township library; board; members; election or appointment; terms; vacancies; how filled.
51-204 Library board; organization; officers; quorum.
51-205 Library board; bylaws, rules, and regulations.
51-206 Library board; mortgages; release or renewal.
51-207 Library board; funds; buildings; custody and control.
51-208 Library board; use of library for city or school purposes; contracts.
51-209 Public library; funds; disbursements; sinking fund; bonds.
51-210 Library board; building sites; acquisition; procedure.
51-211 Library board; general powers and duties; governing body; duty; discrimination prohibited.
51-212 Public library; use and purpose.
51-213 Library board; annual report; contents.