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28-807 Terms, defined.
28-808 Obscene literature and material; sale to minor, unlawful; penalty.
28-809 Obscene motion picture, show, or presentation; admit minor; unlawful; penalty.
28-810 Prosecution; defense.
28-811 False representation; unlawful employment of minor; exceptions; penalty.
28-812 Repealed. Laws 1988, LB 117, § 8.
28-813 Obscene literature or material; prepares; distributes; promotes; penalty.
28-813.01 Sexually explicit conduct; visual depiction; unlawful; penalty; affirmative defense; forfeiture of property.
28-813.02 Commercial film and photographic print processor; immune from liability; when.
28-814 Criminal prosecutions; trial by jury; waiver; instructions to jury; expert witness.
28-815 Prosecution; defense.