Nebraska State Constitution Article V-23

Article V-23


Jurisdiction of judges at chambers.

The several judges of the courts of record shall have such jurisdiction at chambers as may be provided by law.


  • Neb. Const. art. VI, sec. 23 (1875);
  • Transferred by Constitutional Convention, 1919-1920, art. V, sec. 23.


Without a written stipulation of the parties, a district judge can hear application to modify an award of child support in county where the proceeding is pending only. Hanson v. Hanson, 195 Neb. 836, 241 N.W.2d 131 (1976).

Judges at chambers have no inherent authority to rule on motion for new trial. Vasa v. Vasa, 163 Neb. 642, 80 N.W.2d 696 (1957); Mueller v. Keeley, 163 Neb. 613, 80 N.W.2d 707 (1957).

District judges may be given jurisdiction in chambers to impose sentence on plea of guilty. Duggan v. Olson, 146 Neb. 248, 19 N.W.2d 353 (1945).

District judge in chambers had jurisdiction under independent act to enter orders in connection with liquidation of insolvent bank. County of Morrill v. Bliss, 125 Neb. 97, 249 N.W. 98 (1933).

Establishment of municipal court without powers to the judge at chambers does not violate this section. State ex rel. Magney v. Hunter, 99 Neb. 520, 156 N.W. 975 (1916).

Constitution confers no judicial powers on judge of district court at chambers. He can exercise such authority alone as is given by Legislature. Hodgin v. Whitcomb, 51 Neb. 617, 71 N.W. 314 (1897).