Nebraska State Constitution Article IV-16

Article IV-16


Order of succession to become Governor; Lieutenant Governor; duties.

In case of the conviction of the Governor on impeachment, his removal from office, his resignation or his death, the Lieutenant Governor, the Speaker of the Legislature and such other persons designated by law shall in that order be Governor for the remainder of the Governor's term.

In case of the death of the Governor-elect, the Lieutenant Governor-elect, the Speaker of the Legislature and such other persons designated by law shall become Governor in that order at the commencement of the Governor-elect's term.

If the Governor or the person in line of succession to serve as Governor is absent from the state, or suffering under an inability, the powers and duties of the office of Governor shall devolve in order of precedence until the absence or inability giving rise to the devolution of powers ceases as provided by law. After January 1, 1975, the Lieutenant Governor shall serve on all boards and commissions in lieu of the Governor whenever so designated by the Governor, shall perform such duties as may be delegated him by the Governor, and shall devote his full time to the duties of his office.



Lieutenant Governor is not entitled to the emoluments of the Governor's office on account of mere temporary absence of the Governor from the state. Johnson v. Johnson, 141 Neb. 239, 3 N.W.2d 414 (1942).

This section does not apply to incumbent holding over on account of failure to elect successor, but refers only to persons elected and failing to qualify. State ex rel. Thayer v. Boyd, 31 Neb. 682, 48 N.W. 739 (1891), 51 N.W. 602 (1892).