Nebraska State Constitution Article III-8

Article III-8


Legislators; qualifications; one-year residence in district; removal from district, effect.

No person shall be eligible to the office of member of the Legislature unless on the date of the general election at which he is elected, or on the date of his appointment he is a registered voter, has attained the age of twenty-one years and has resided within the district from which he is elected for the term of one year next before his election, unless he shall have been absent on the public business of the United States or of this State. And no person elected as aforesaid shall hold his office after he shall have removed from such district.


  • Neb. Const. art. III, sec. 5 (1875);
  • Amended 1972, Laws 1971, LB 126, sec. 1;
  • Amended 1992, Initiative Measure No. 407;
  • Amended 1994, Initiative Measure No. 408.
  • Note: The changes made to this section by Initiative 407 in 1992 and Initiative 408 in 1994 have been omitted because of the decisions of the Nebraska Supreme Court in Duggan v. Beermann, 245 Neb. 907, 515 N.W.2d 788 (1994) and Duggan v. Beermann, 249 Neb. 411, 544 N.W.2d 68 (1996).