America's Legislators Back to School Program

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Invite your state senator to your classroom! America's Legislators Back to School Program, sponsored by the National Conference of State Legislatures, aims to connect senators with students in their districts. The program presents an opportunity for senators to teach students about the responsibilities of a senator, the legislative process and how lawmakers work together to solve problems. We invite you to contact your senator's office throughout the year to arrange a visit.

Likewise, if you are planning a field trip to the Capitol, you might contact your senator's office to ask if he or she is available to visit with your students while they are here. Tours of the state Capitol Building can be scheduled through the Tours Office at (402) 471-0448.

Teachers' Comments

Teachers that have participated in Back to School Week activities in the past had the following comments about the program:

  • "A few of my students may look into becoming a page after the senator explained their role in government."
  • "I think this will be a long-lasting, meaningful experience for my students."
  • "The senator gave an interesting presentation about how people work together to make decisions in government."