Journal Summary for February 12th, 2024

108th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session - Day 26

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Document Description Journal Page
LB852 Placed on General File with AM2355 659
LB852 Banking, Commerce and Insurance AM2355 filed 659
LB932 Fredrickson AM2401 filed 662
LR291 Adopted 663
LR291 President/Speaker signed 663
LR292 Adopted 663
LR292 President/Speaker signed 663
LR293 Adopted 663
LR293 President/Speaker signed 663
LR294 Adopted 663
LR294 President/Speaker signed 663
LR295 Adopted 663
LR295 President/Speaker signed 663
LR296 Adopted 663
LR296 President/Speaker signed 663
LR297 Adopted 663
LR297 President/Speaker signed 663
LB235 Placed on Select File with ER57 667
LB235 Enrollment and Review ER57 filed 667
LB303 Placed on Select File 667
LB317 Placed on Select File 667
LB605 Placed on Select File with ER55 667
LB605 Enrollment and Review ER55 filed 667
LB685 Briese AM242 not considered 667
LB685 General Affairs AM2382 adopted 667
LB685 Lowe AM2035 withdrawn 667
LB685 Advanced to Enrollment and Review Initial 667
LB829A Date of introduction 667
LB829A Placed on General File 667
LB130 Placed on Select File with ER53 668
LB130 Enrollment and Review ER53 filed 668
LB190 Placed on Select File 668
LB204 Placed on Select File with ER56 668
LB204 Enrollment and Review ER56 filed 668
LB358 Placed on Select File with ER54 668
LB358 Enrollment and Review ER54 filed 668
LB233 Placed on General File with AM2064 669
LB233 Health and Human Services AM2064 filed 669
LB644 Slama AM1476 filed 673
LB686 McDonnell AM2285 filed 673
LB686 Notice of hearing for February 20, 2024 on AM2285 673
LB644 Slama AM1476 adopted 674
LB834 Placed on General File with AM2428 674
LB834 Health and Human Services AM2428 filed 674
LB1070 Placed on General File 674
LB1152 Placed on General File 674
LB857 Placed on General File with AM2409 675
LB857 Health and Human Services AM2409 filed 675
LB20 Bosn name added 676
LB844 Hughes name added 676
LB1001 DeKay name added 676
LB1047 Murman name added 676
LB1071 Conrad name added 676
LB1225 Vargas name added 676
LB1301 Erdman name added 676
LB1396 Erdman name added 676
Appointment(s) Business and Labor Report, Dallas Jones 662
Appointment(s) Confirmation Appointments, Various Appointments 663
Appointment(s) Department of Transportation, Jeremy S. Borrell 662
Appointment(s) Natural Resources Report, Various Appointments 661 & 662
Appointment(s) Notice of Hearing for February 21, 2024, Roger Helgoth 661