Journal Summary for May 4th, 2023

108th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 72

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Document Description Journal Page
LR125 Ibach name added 1369
LR124 Ibach name added 1369
LB632 Conrad name added 1369
LB813 AM1627 pending 1368
LB813 Cavanaugh, M. AM1626 lost 1368
LB813 Cavanaugh, M. AM1627 filed 1368
LB813 Cavanaugh, M. AM1626 filed 1368
LB813 Wayne AM1621 filed 1368
LB813 Cavanaugh, M. AM1625 lost 1367
LB813 Cavanaugh, M. AM1625 filed 1367
LB813 Clements AM1591 adopted 1367
LB818 Advanced to Enrollment and Review Initial 1367
LB818 Appropriations AM1172 adopted 1367
LB818 Conrad FA89 lost 1367
LB818 Arch MO1013 prevailed 1367
LB818 Cavanaugh, M. FA88 withdrawn 1366
LB818 Arch MO1013 Invoke cloture pursuant to Rule 7, Sec. 10 filed 1366
LR129 Referred to Executive Board 1366
LB818 Conrad FA89 filed 1366
LB818 Conrad AM1564 withdrawn 1366
LB818 Cavanaugh, M. FA88 filed 1366
LB818 Conrad AM1564 filed 1366
LR128 Referred to Executive Board 1365
LR129 Date of introduction 1365
LR127 Referred to Executive Board 1364
LR128 Date of introduction 1364
LR127 Date of introduction 1364
LB818 Clements AM1635 adopted 1364
LB818 Clements AM1635 filed 1364
LB818 Cavanaugh, M. FA87 withdrawn 1363
LB818 FA87 pending 1363
LB818 Wayne AM1614 withdrawn 1363
LB818 Cavanaugh, M. FA87 filed 1363
LB818 Wayne AM1614 filed 1362
LB818 McKinney AM1633 lost 1361
LB818 Cavanaugh, M. FA86 withdrawn 1360
LB818 McKinney AM1633 filed 1360
LB818 McDonnell AM1616 adopted 1360
LB818 Cavanaugh, M. FA86 filed 1360
LB818 McDonnell AM1616 filed 1360
LB818 McKinney AM1613 withdrawn 1357
LB705 Wayne AM1513 filed 1357
LB818 Wayne AM1608 adopted 1356
LB818 McKinney AM1613 filed 1356
LB818 Cavanaugh, J. AM1609 lost 1354
LB818 Wayne AM1608 filed 1354
LB818 AM1609 pending 1353
LB818 Moser AM1584 adopted 1353
LB50 Ibach AM1610 filed 1353
LB818 Cavanaugh, J. AM1609 filed 1353
LB754 Raybould AM1517 filed 1351