Journal Summary for February 26th, 2021

107th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 34

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Document Description Journal Page
LB507 Cavanaugh, J. AM323 filed 479
LB106A Advanced to Enrollment and Review Initial 479
LB113A Advanced to Enrollment and Review Initial 479
LB39 Flood AM373 filed 480
LB231 Hunt AM358 filed 480
LB631 Placed on General File 480
LB398 Bostelman AM339 filed 483
LB148 Bostelman AM332 filed 483
LB113 Albrecht AM353 filed 484
LR49 Referred to Urban Affairs Committee 484
LB306 Kolterman name added 484
LB173 Erdman name added 484
LB299 Bostar name added 484
LB489 Cavanaugh, M. name withdrawn 484
LB188 Lindstrom name added 484
LB236 McDonnell name added 484