Journal Summary for February 24th, 2020

106th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session - Day 29

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Document Description Journal Page
LR319 Adopted 712
LR319 President/Speaker signed 712
LB790 Slama AM2436 adopted 712
LB790 Advanced to Enrollment and Review Initial 712
LB424 Urban Affairs AM509 pending 712
LR326 Date of introduction 713
LB424 Hilgers AM1401 withdrawn 713
LB424 Hilgers AM1403 withdrawn 713
LB424 Hilgers AM1404 withdrawn 713
LB424 Hilgers AM1402 withdrawn 713
LB424 Hilgers AM1400 withdrawn 713
LB424 Quick AM1513 withdrawn 713
LB424 Quick AM2122 pending 713
LR326 Laid over 713
LB1159 Placed on General File 714
LB1155 Placed on General File with AM2482 714
LB1155 Urban Affairs AM2482 filed 714
LB238 Pansing Brooks AM2551 filed 715
LB849A Date of introduction 715
LB963A Date of introduction 715
LB424 Quick AM2122 adopted 715
LB849A Placed on General File 715
LB963A Placed on General File 715
LB424 Wayne AM2568 adopted 716
LB424 Hilgers FA101 filed 716
LB424 Hilgers FA101 pending 716
LB424 Hilgers FA102 filed 716
LB283 McCollister name added 716
LB627 Hansen, M. name added 716
LB1018 Kolterman name added 716