Journal Summary for March 7th, 2017

105th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 42

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Document Description Journal Page
LB122 Baker priority bill 633
LB447 Chambers FA42 filed 634
LB447 Chambers FA42 pending 634
LR6 Halloran priority resolution 634
LB34 Ebke priority bill 634
LB289 Judiciary priority bill 634
LB487 Judiciary priority bill 634
LB300 Placed on General File 634
LB444 Placed on General File with AM467 634
LB444 Judiciary AM467 filed 634
LB207 Krist AM507 filed 635
LB46A Placed on Select File 635
LB92 Placed on Select File 635
LB331 Stinner AM494 filed 636
LB331 Notice of hearing for March 15, 2017, on AM494 637
LB447 Chambers FA42 pending 638
LB287 Placed on General File with AM385 638
LB287 Health and Human Services AM385 filed 638
LB430 Placed on General File with AM176 638
LB430 Health and Human Services AM176 filed 638
LB10 Krist AM485 filed 639
LB407 Pansing Brooks AM528 filed 639
LB506 Placed on General File with AM464 639
LB506 Health and Human Services AM464 filed 639
LR58 Date of introduction 640
LB161 Smith priority bill 640
LR58 Laid over 640
LB161 McDonnell name added 641