Introduced Legislation for January 13th, 2016

104th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session - Day 6

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Document Primary
LB936 Ebke Change inheritance tax rates and exemption amounts
LB937 Ebke Eliminate a prohibition on marriage of persons with venereal disease
LB938 Smith Adopt the 911 Service System Act, change a reporting requirement as prescribed, and transfer funds from the Enhanced Wireless 911 Fund to the 911 Service System Fund
LB939 Mello Adopt the Nebraska Early Childhood Advantage Act
LB940 Johnson Adopt the Tax Stabilization Act
LB941 Gloor Update references to the Internal Revenue Code
LB942 Scheer Require disclosure of noncompete agreements by sellers of seller-assisted marketing plans and provide for reformation of a franchise agreement which unreasonably restrains competition
LB943 Hansen Update references with respect to husband and wife
LB944 Hansen Change terminology relating to parentage and marital relationships
LB945 Hansen Adopt the Nebraska Healthy Food Financing Initiative Act
LB946 Smith Change powers and duties of the chairperson of the Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board
LB947 Mello State intent relating to professional or commercial licenses for certain aliens and restrict credential issuance as prescribed
LB948 Morfeld Change an application period limitation for the designation of enterprise zones as prescribed
LB949 Harr Change the commission allowed to cigarette stamping agents
LB950 Harr Allow a bad debt deduction relating to cigarette and tobacco product taxes
LB951 Harr Adopt the Affordable Housing Tax Credit Act
LB952 Watermeier Change membership of the Board of Emergency Medical Services
LB953 Kolterman Provide protection for qualified adults from financial exploitation
LR404 Kintner Congratulate Todd Nott on winning the Hitchcock Hundred ultramarathon