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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB91 Price Indefinitely postponed Increase the minimum horsepower of a tractor that is required to be tested
LB499 Price Passed Change provisions relating to filing for office, petitions for nomination, registering to vote, and voting under the Election Act
LB571 Price Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to homeowners' association and condominium association liens
LB572 Price Indefinitely postponed Limit transfers of students between learning community member school districts
LB573 Price Passed Authorize use of rotating or flashing amber lights on any motor vehicle operated by or for an emergency management worker or a storm spotter
LB574 Price Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Electronic Prescription Transmission Act
LB575 Price Passed Adopt the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children
LB575A Price Passed Appropriation Bill
LB719 Price Passed Change records management provisions
LB766 Price Passed Authorize the Adjutant General to make certain emergency expenditures
LB819 Price Passed Provide for the treatment of military medals as unclaimed property
LB999 Price Indefinitely postponed Authorize the display of an honor and remember flag at public buildings
LR55 Price Congratulate the members of the Gretna High School one-act play for winning the 2010 Class A state championship
LR56 Price Recognize General Kevin P. Chilton for his accomplishments and his years of service to his country
LR72 Price Congratulate the Papillion-La Vista South High School volleyball team for winning the 2010 Class A state championship
LR115 Price Congratulate the Bellevue East High School girls' basketball team for winning the 2011 Class A state championship
LR140 Price Congratulate Luke Bredensteiner on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR141 Price Referral Designate the Honor and Remember Flag as the State of Nebraska's emblem of service and sacrifice by members of the United States Armed Forces who have given their lives in the line of duty and urge Congress to pass H.R. 546
LR258 Price Referral Interim study to examine the availability of technology to provide the electronic request and approval of prior authorization requests for medical and pharmacy interventions
LR349 Price Extend sympathy to the family of Jesse Craton Edwards and recognize his accomplishments and service to the physician assistant profession
LR385 Price Extend sympathy to the family of Fred LeRoy
LR436 Price Congratulate the United States Air Force Weather Agency on its seventy-fifth anniversary and recognize the support it offers to the military and to the citizens of the State of Nebraska and the United States
LR467 Price Congratulate Jack Turman for winning the 500 yard freestyle at the 2012 Boys' state swimming championship
LR605 Price Congratulate Chris Luehring for being named a 2012 Bellevue Leader Player of the year for wrestling
LR606 Price Congratulate Vicky Trojanowski for being named a 2012 Bellevue Leader Player of the Year for girls' swimming
LR607 Price Congratulate Garrett Cadotte for being named a 2012 Bellevue Leader Player of the Year for boys' swimming