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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB154 Sen Hadley Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds to the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska
LB159 Sen Hadley Passed Define and redefine terms under the Public Accountancy Act and provide for peer review
LB216 Sen Hadley Indefinitely postponed Correct provisions relating to the streamlined sales and use tax agreement
LB217 Sen Hadley Indefinitely postponed Revise statute relating to premium taxes
LB218 Sen Hadley Indefinitely postponed Correct references to a federal act in income tax provisions
LB497 Sen Hadley Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to distribution of marital assets
LB498 Sen Hadley Governor Veto Require registration of all-terrain vehicles and utility-type vehicles under the Motor Vehicle Registration Act and change sales tax provisions
LB663A Sen Hadley Passed Appropriation Bill
LB857 Sen Hadley Passed Change population threshold for a city of the first class to employ a full-time fire chief
LB858 Sen Hadley Indefinitely postponed Create the University of Nebraska Facilities Program of 2016
LR60 Sen Hadley Congratulate the recipients of the Distinguished NEBRASKAlander Award
LR437 Sen Hadley Congratulate the recipients of the Distinguished NEBRASKAlander Award and extend appreciation for their service to the State of Nebraska
LR462 Sen Hadley Proclaim March 15, 2016, as Canada Day at the Nebraska State Capitol
LR469 Sen Hadley Congratulate the Kearney Catholic High School girls' basketball team on winning the Class C-1 state basketball championship
LR518 Sen Hadley Referral Interim study to review issues surrounding child custody proceedings and parenting time determinations as they pertain to families of divorce
LR540 Sen Hadley Extend sympathy to the family of former Senator Daniel Lynch and recognize his contributions and achievements
LR591 Sen Hadley Referral Interim study to examine and make recommendations on improving health care coverage plans available to Nebraska small businesses with fifty or less employees
LR627 Sen Hadley Commend Joel Sartore and Michael Forsberg for their efforts to document and conserve our natural resources