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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB8 Council Indefinitely postponed Prohibit transfers from the Job Training Cash Fund to the General Fund
LB304 Council Indefinitely postponed Change limitation of action provisions under the Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act
LB305 Council Indefinitely postponed Include state identification card holders in jury lists
LB306 Council Indefinitely postponed Repeal the death penalty and replace it with life imprisonment without possibility of parole
LB307 Council Indefinitely postponed Change sentencing requirements with respect to certain minors
LB442 Council Indefinitely postponed Change procedural and relief provisions of the Nebraska Fair Housing Act
LB795 Council Indefinitely postponed Authorize employment of law enforcement officers by natural resources districts as prescribed
LB847 Council Indefinitely postponed Change Small Claims Court powers and provide for use of attorneys as prescribed
LB913 Council Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Criminal Offender Employment Act
LB962 Council Indefinitely postponed Require blood lead testing prior to school enrollment
LB988 Council Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to credit for imprisonment for fines and costs
LB989 Council Indefinitely postponed Provide for administrative segregation of certain committed offenders as prescribed
LB990 Council Indefinitely postponed Change reduction of sentence provisions for a person sentenced to a city or county jail
LB1105 Council Indefinitely postponed Require an audit of death penalty costs
LB1105A Council Indefinitely postponed Appropriation Bill
LB440 Council Passed Change diversity criteria under the Student Diversity Scholarship Program Act and change provisions relating to postsecondary capital and facility expenditures
LB441 Council Passed Change provisions relating to the cost of certain municipal proceeding transcripts
LB961 Council Passed Provide for economic development training grants and change job training grant provisions
LB987A Council Passed Appropriation Bill
LB1036 Council Passed Adopt the Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
LR18 Council Extend sympathy to the family of Wilda Chue Stephenson
LR75 Council Recognize June 19th as Juneteenth National Freedom Day
LR223 Council Urge the members of Nebraska's congressional delegation to pass immigration reform legislation
LR322 Council Extend sympathy to the family of Mary Kay Begley and recognize her dedication and service to the people of Nebraska
LR397 Council Congratulate the Omaha Central High School boys' basketball team for winning the 2010 Class A state championship
LR411 Council Urge government attorneys, private attorneys, and fire investigators to review questionable arson convictions
LR453 Council Interim study to examine what are described as food deserts or areas where access to healthy, affordable food choices is limited
LR537 Council Congratulate Chancellor Smith for being named the Boys and Girls Club's Nebraska Youth of the Year
LR550 Council Extend sympathy to the family of Luigi Waites