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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB51 Lathrop General File Change and provide qualifications for and duties relating to certification of law enforcement officers, require accreditation of law enforcement agencies, prohibit chokeholds in law enforcement, and require policies on excessive force
LB52 Lathrop Referral Provide for immunity for injury or death resulting from COVID-19 exposure
LB53 Lathrop Referral Provide immunity for health care providers acting in conformance with the crisis standard of care during a COVID-19 state of emergency
LB54 Lathrop Referral Change immunity for intentional torts under the Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act and the State Tort Claims Act
LB55 Lathrop Withdrawn Change judges' salaries
LB56 Lathrop Referral Change provisions relating to administration of and eligibility for parole
LB57 Lathrop General File Provide a hearsay exception for present sense impressions
LB352 Lathrop General File Change the amounts of certain court fees
LB353 Lathrop Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Correctional Services for a community corrections facility
LB354 Lathrop General File Require courts to issue decisions on motions to transfer jurisdiction in cases involving juveniles within thirty days after hearing
LB355 Lathrop General File Change provisions relating to county judges, clerk magistrates, and civil procedure
LB386 Lathrop Final Reading Change judges' salaries
LB386A Lathrop Final Reading Appropriation Bill
LB411 Lathrop Select File Require sharing of information with the designated health information exchange
LB423 Lathrop E and R Engrossing Require registration of home inspectors
LB423A Lathrop E and R Engrossing Appropriation Bill
LB530 Lathrop Referral Require certain insurance policies to comply with federal minimum levels of financial responsibility for motor carriers
LB612 Lathrop Referral Change motor vehicle liability insurance and financial responsibility requirements