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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LR51 Sen Hardin Adopted Congratulate Christy Warner and Kimball County Transit Service on receiving a multitude of state and national awards
LB712 Sen Hardin Indefinitely postponed Create the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent Deployment Fund
LB596 Sen Hardin Referral Authorize a manufacturer or wholesaler to enter into a sponsorship or advertising agreement with certain licensees or organizations under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB595 Sen Hardin General File Change supervision requirements under the Pharmacy Practice Act
LB594 Sen Hardin Withdrawn Provide for local government investment pools to invest in commercial paper
LB593 Sen Hardin General File Change provisions relating to licensure and regulation of hearing instrument specialists
LB592 Sen Hardin Referral Adopt the Social Care Information Privacy Act
LB591 Sen Hardin Referral Require notice of termination of an oral lease of agricultural land to be given by January 1
LB342 Sen Hardin Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to home inspectors