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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB36 Flood Passed Change method and procedure for inflicting the death penalty
LB37 Flood Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds for a new division of the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing in Norfolk
LB38 Flood Indefinitely postponed Change assault, assault on an officer, and offenses by a confined person provisions
LB39 Flood Indefinitely postponed Adopt new rules of evidence relating to sexual offenses
LB40 Flood Indefinitely postponed Correct references to statutory provisions in civil procedure statutes
LB41 Flood Indefinitely postponed Clarify references to the county sheriff
LB42 Flood Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to rural water districts
LB43 Flood Indefinitely postponed Eliminate the Department of Natural Resources Interstate Water Rights Cash Fund
LB44 Flood Indefinitely postponed Correct a definition and eliminate obsolete statutory references in revenue provisions
LB45 Flood Indefinitely postponed Eliminate references to a fund that terminated
LB219 Flood Passed Transfer responsibility of the highway safety program to the Department of Roads from the Department of Motor Vehicles
LB219A Flood Passed Appropriations Bill
LB515 Flood Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to emergency medical responders
LB681 Flood Indefinitely postponed Provide for refund of unconstitutional taxes, assessments, and penalties
LB770 Flood Passed Change provisions relating to the distribution of the session laws and journal of the Legislature and copies of the statutes
LB771 Flood Passed Change certain provisions relating to assault, criminal attempt, weapons, arrests, bail, custody, jailhouse witnesses, and juveniles
LB804 Flood Indefinitely postponed Provide an exemption from the documentary stamp tax
LB868 Flood Indefinitely postponed Change probation administrative sanctions, community service sentencing, and minors with alcohol-related criminal provisions and exempt community service offenders and probationers from workers' compensation coverage
LB936 Flood Indefinitely postponed Authorize court-ordered conditions for juvenile court dispositions
LB1103 Flood Passed Adopt the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act
LB1104 Flood Indefinitely postponed Change judges' salaries
LR2 Flood Congratulate the Norfolk Catholic High School boys' cross country team for winning the 2009 Class C state championship
LR3 Flood Congratulate the Norfolk High School girls' cross country team for winning the 2009 Class A state championship
LR21 Flood Extend appreciation and congratulations to the honorees for their service to the State of Nebraska
LR28 Flood Express sympathy to the family of former Senator Richard F. Proud
LR31 Flood Recognize Nucor Corporation for its dedication to its employees and to the communities in which it has facilities
LR311 Flood Extend appreciation and congratulations to the honorees for their service to the State of Nebraska
LR336 Flood Congratulate the Madison High School wrestling team for winning the 2010 Class C state wrestling championship
LR337 Flood Congratulate Jaden Moore for receiving a Prudential Spirit of Community Award
LR349 Flood Proclaim March 15, 2010, as 2010 Canada Day at the Nebraska State Capitol
LR353 Flood Congratulate the Elkhorn Valley High School girls' basketball team for winning the 2010 Class D-1 state championship
LR373 Flood Support the Nebraska School Chemical Cleanout Campaign
LR425 Flood Interim study to examine issues relating to brain injuries
LR441 Flood Congratulate the Norfolk Rotary Club on its ninetieth anniversary