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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB142 Sen Briese Indefinitely postponed Limit the amount an insured pays for prescription insulin drugs
LB242 Sen Briese Indefinitely postponed Change provisions of the Nebraska Property Tax Incentive Act
LB243 Sen Briese Passed Adopt the School District Property Tax Limitation Act, change levying authority and provide aid to community college areas, and change provisions relating to the Tax Equalization and Review Commission and property and income taxes
LB243A Sen Briese Passed Appropriation Bill
LB249 Sen Briese Indefinitely postponed Change provisions of the Rural Workforce Housing Investment Act
LB495 Sen Briese Indefinitely postponed Redefine nonqualified withdrawal for purposes of the Nebraska educational savings plan
LB589 Sen Briese Indefinitely postponed Adopt the School District Property Tax Limitation Act
LB684 Sen Briese Indefinitely postponed Provide for a review of services provided by state agencies
LB684A Sen Briese Indefinitely postponed Appropriation Bill
LR39 Sen Briese Adopted Offer gratitude to Chuck and Susanne Sorahan for saving the life of a seven-month-old boy
LR96 Sen Briese Adopted Congratulate the St. Paul Public Schools for receiving the 2022-23 NebraskARTS Award
LR173 Sen Briese Adopted Extend sympathy to the family of Dennis Walters and recognize his dedication to teaching and sports
LR188 Sen Briese Referral Interim study to examine issues related to the committee system of the Legislature and the referencing of legislative bills by the Reference Committee of the Legislature