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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB235 Walz Referral Clarify grant requirements for the Summer Food Service Program
LB364 Walz General File Change and eliminate licensure, regulation, and penalty provisions under the Professional Landscape Architects Act
LB444 Walz Passed Prohibit cities and counties from canceling health insurance coverage for injured first responders as prescribed and include under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act frontline state employees with respect to personal injuries
LB473 Walz Referral Require rest periods for employees
LB490 Walz General File Adopt the College Choice Grant Program Act
LB521 Walz Referral Change provisions related to early childhood education in the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act
LB522 Walz Referral Change Nebraska Telecommunications Universal Service Fund provisions
LB523 Walz Referral Change provisions relating to financial assistance from the Nebraska Internet Enhancement Fund
LB524 Walz Referral Appropriate funds to supplement financial assistance from the Nebraska Internet Enhancement Fund
LB551 Walz Referral Change qualifications for certain real property appraiser credentials
LB552 Walz Referral Provide for the Children's Connection program
LB771 Walz Referral Adopt the Child Hunger and Workforce Readiness Act
LB772 Walz Referral Change provisions relating to agricultural land that receives special valuation
LB800 Walz Referral Provide and change strategic plan requirements for services for qualified persons with disabilities
LB864 Walz Referral Designate funds appropriated to the Department of Health and Human Services for state aid
LB998 Walz General File Create the Collaborative School Behavioral and Mental Health Program
LB1093 Walz Referral Create the office of Inspector General of Nebraska Public Health
LB1113 Walz Referral Provide an exception for leasing dark fiber or providing broadband, Internet, telecommunications, or video services by an agency or political subdivision of the state
LB1114 Walz Referral Provide for creation and maintenance of a statewide geographic information system map under the Nebraska Telecommunications Regulation Act
LR63 Walz Congratulate the Howells-Dodge High School girls' basketball team for winning the 2017 Class C-2 state championship
LR148 Walz Referral Interim study to examine school meal programs in Nebraska
LR184 Walz Referral Interim study to examine whether the Real Property Appraiser Act should be amended
LR296 Walz Referral Provide the Executive Board of the Legislative Council appoint a special committee known as the State-Licensed Care Facilities Investigative Committee of the Legislature