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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB64 Hansen Referral Adopt the Adrenal Insufficiency Diagnosis Information and Support Act
LB65 Hansen Referral Provide income tax credits for caregivers
LB66 Hansen Referral Change provisions relating to stacking of coverage under the Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance Coverage Act
LB93 Hansen Passed Adopt the Automatic License Plate Reader Privacy Act
LB111 Hansen Referral Provide for nonpartisan election of county officers
LB112 Hansen Referral Permit registered voters moving within Nebraska without reregistering to vote provisionally
LB113 Hansen Passed Change population threshold provisions relating to municipalities and eliminate obsolete provisions
LB145 Hansen Indefinitely postponed Provide for a hearing to determine financial ability to pay fines and costs and traffic citations and provide for community service
LB146 Hansen Passed Provide for set-asides of convictions for infractions
LB147 Hansen Referral Change workers' compensation provisions relating to waiting time, termination of compensation, and attorney's fees
LB211 Hansen General File Change the minimum wage for persons compensated by way of gratuities
LB212 Hansen Referral Adopt the In the Line of Duty Compensation Act
LB213 Hansen Referral Add an unfair claims settlement practice under the Unfair Insurance Claims Settlement Practices Act
LB258 Hansen Passed Provide opportunity for inmates to obtain state identification card or renew driver's license before discharge
LB259 Hansen Passed Adopt and change competency and financial ability provisions relating to court proceedings as prescribed
LB259A Hansen Passed Appropriation Bill
LB260 Hansen Referral Provide for a state food insecurity nutrition incentive grant program and state intent regarding appropriations
LB261 Hansen Referral Adopt the Nebraska Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act
LB363 Hansen General File Change the Conveyance Safety Act
LB519 Hansen Passed Change Employment Security Law provisions relating to employers' experience and reimbursement accounts
LB520 Hansen Referral Require notification when persons prohibited by state or federal law obtain a handgun or concealed carry permit
LB748 Hansen General File Change provisions relating to determination of municipality population thresholds and references to cities, villages, and governing bodies
LB858 Hansen Referral Provide annual adjustments for total disability income benefits under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB859 Hansen Passed Change records relating to employee deaths which may be withheld from the public
LB880 Hansen General File Provide for an early childhood element in a comprehensive plan developed by a city
LB916 Hansen Referral Prohibit retaliation under the Nebraska Wage Payment Collection Act and the Wage and Hour Act
LB930 Hansen Referral Prohibit use of juveniles' statements made as a result of custodial interrogation
LB954 Hansen Referral Provide refundable income tax credits to individuals who rent their primary residence
LB986 Hansen General File Adopt the Neighborhood Improvement District Act and change provisions relating to special assessments for other improvement or development districts as prescribed
LB1010 Hansen Referral Change procedures for determining competency to stand trial in counties containing a city of the primary class
LB1029 Hansen Referral Change time for acceptance of a power of attorney
LB1056 Hansen Referral Provide for collection of data on student disciplinary actions
LB1083 Hansen Referral Provide for discovery of telephone numbers and email addresses of witnesses in criminal cases
LR219 Hansen Referral Interim study to examine the effectiveness of section 29-901, which relates to the imposition of bail, and section 29-2206, which relates to the imposition of fines, fees, and court costs
LR220 Hansen Referral Interim study to investigate the purpose and benefits of creating conviction integrity units in Nebraska
LR221 Hansen Referral Interim study to examine possible reforms to Nebraska's sentencing laws to accommodate an option of deferred judgment probation
LR367 Hansen Congratulate the Nebraska Wesleyan University men's basketball team for winning the 2018 NCAA Division III championship
LR370 Hansen Referral Interim study to conduct a review of issues arising from the lack of mental health treatment for those in the criminal justice system
LR391 Hansen Referral Interim study to examine the effects on elections should Nebraska switch to an all vote-by-mail system
LR392 Hansen Referral Interim study to examine neighborhood issues and potential neighborhood improvement tools
LR415 Hansen Referral Interim study to examine the effectiveness of statute 29-901, as relates to the imposition of bail and the requiring of money bonds for misdemeanors and city ordinance violations
LR432 Hansen Referral Interim study to examine issues faced by renters in Nebraska including rental deposits and fees, recourse for renters when rights are violated, and other issues
LR433 Hansen Referral Interim study to evaluate the availability of affordable housing in Nebraska municipalities with an emphasis on rental housing