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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB12 Kolterman Indefinitely postponed Change the number of members of the Legislature
LB16 Kolterman General File Provide for state contributions to the Nebraska Retirement Fund for Judges
LB17 Kolterman Passed Change fees for and provide for transfers to the Nebraska Retirement Fund for Judges and change actuarial valuation and amortization provisions for certain state retirement systems
LB18 Kolterman Passed Change provisions relating to equivalent employees and qualified locations under the ImagiNE Nebraska Act
LB19 Kolterman General File Change provisions relating to nail technology and body art
LB19A Kolterman General File Appropriation Bill
LB24 Kolterman Referral Change fee, remittance, and distribution provisions relating to the Nebraska Retirement Fund for Judges
LB60 Kolterman Referral Change provisions related to community college levies
LB61 Kolterman Referral Provide formal protest procedures for certain state contracts for services
LB62 Kolterman Indefinitely postponed Create the Access College Early Scholarship Cash Fund and change provisions relating to the Nebraska Education Improvement Fund, Nebraska Opportunity Grant Fund, and Community College Gap Assistance Program Fund
LB143 Kolterman Passed Change notice requirements regarding changes in a juvenile's placement
LB144 Kolterman Referral Define terms under the Class V School Employees Retirement Act
LB145 Kolterman Referral Provide for and change audit, reporting, and billing practices under the Class V School Employees Retirement Act
LB146 Kolterman Referral Define and redefine terms relating to school retirement provisions
LB147 Kolterman Veto Overridden Change provisions relating to retirement systems for Class V school districts
LB147A Kolterman Veto Overridden Appropriation Bill
LB337 Kolterman Passed Adopt the Step-Therapy Reform Act
LB375 Kolterman Referral Adopt the Pharmacy Benefit Manager Regulation and Transparency Act
LB535 Kolterman Referral Provide for notice to life insurance assignees of default, lapse, and termination
LB697 Kolterman Referral Provide for licensure of rural emergency hospital services
LB698 Kolterman Referral Require coverage of continuous glucose monitoring devices under the Medical Assistance Act
LB699 Kolterman Referral Appropriate federal funds to the Department of Economic Development for grants to improve technology infrastructure
LB700 Kolterman Referral Change provisions relating to public retirement systems
LB766 Kolterman Referral Appropriate federal funds to the University of Nebraska for pancreatic cancer research
LB767 Kolterman Referral Adopt the Pharmacy Benefit Manager Licensure and Regulation Act
LB838 Kolterman Referral Require the State Department of Education to create an aid program relating to the early childhood workforce
LB985 Kolterman Referral Redefine base year under the ImagiNE Nebraska Act
LB1043 Kolterman Introduction Change retirement provisions for certain school employees
LB1049 Kolterman Introduction Appropriate funds to the Supreme Court for the Office of Public Guardian
LR35 Kolterman Adopted Recognize Julya Metschke for her dedication to helping others through her Students Taking Action with Recognition project for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
LR36 Kolterman Adopted Congratulate Garrett Lloyd Miller on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR38 Kolterman Adopted Congratulate Charles "Chuck" Matzke on his fifty year anniversary of membership to the Seward Rotary Club and for his service to the community
LR105 Kolterman Referral Interim study to examine the public employees' retirement systems administered by the Public Employees Retirement Board
LR106 Kolterman Referral Interim study to monitor underfunded defined benefit plans administered by political subdivisions as required by section 13-2402
LR109 Kolterman Adopted Congratulate "Little" Josh Vinson, Jr. for winning the Battle of the Joshes
LR169 Kolterman Adopted Recognize the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Hughes Brothers, Inc.