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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB157 McCollister Passed Change operative date provisions relating to the Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act
LB158 McCollister Indefinitely postponed Deny compensation under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act in situations of false representation
LB324 McCollister Passed Provide additional powers for sanitary and improvement districts and require acknowledgments from purchasers of real estate within sanitary and improvement districts
LB354 McCollister Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to crime victims and witnesses
LB409 McCollister Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to landlords and tenants
LB563 McCollister Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to school fiscal year
LB587 McCollister Indefinitely postponed Change the motor vehicle tax schedules
LB745 McCollister Passed Change Game and Parks Commission fee and permit provisions
LB824 McCollister Passed Provide for compensation of certain Nebraska Power Review Board members and for privately developed renewable energy generation facilities and appropriate funds
LB851 McCollister Passed Change the Taxpayer Transparency Act
LB851A McCollister Passed Appropriation Bill
LB880 McCollister Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to Military Honor Plates
LB915 McCollister Indefinitely postponed Create a veterans' treatment court pilot project
LB991 McCollister Indefinitely postponed Redefine crime victim
LB1032 McCollister Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Transitional Health Insurance Program Act and provide duties for the Department of Health and Human Services
LB1032A McCollister Indefinitely postponed Appropriation Bill
LR110 McCollister Congratulate the Omaha Westside High School girls' basketball team for winning the 2015 Class A state championship
LR281 McCollister Referral Interim study to review issues concerning the dates on which the fiscal year for Nebraska's public schools begin and end
LR306 McCollister Referral Interim study to examine ways in which medicaid expansion could be implemented in Nebraska under the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for medical assistance for newly eligible individuals
LR442 McCollister Recognize February 21-27, 2016, as Engineers Week in Nebraska
LR465 McCollister Congratulate Donna D'Ottavio, Gary Brown, Mikayla Mancuso, Alysen Hansen, Sarah Ulsher, and Cyndi Mattson for being named outstanding volunteers by the Nebraska Library Association
LR574 McCollister Referral Interim study to examine aspects of Nebraska's medicaid program that include share of cost or resource spend down components
LR575 McCollister Referral Interim study to continue the ongoing study of access to healthcare in Nebraska