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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB203 Scheer Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to solid waste under the Environmental Protection Act
LB311 Scheer Delivered to Governor Change filing requirements for official bonds and oaths
LB312 Scheer Referral Designate certain acts as unfair insurance trade practices
LB468 Scheer Referral Allow an income tax deduction for tuition payments
LB469 Scheer Referral Change an exemption to school budget lid relating to payments for a voluntary termination
LB470 Scheer Delivered to Governor Adopt the Superintendent Pay Transparency Act
LB510 Scheer Delivered to Governor Change Open Meetings Act telephone conference call provisions and authorization for videoconferencing and teleconferencing
LB511 Scheer Referral Change allocation provisions relating to the Education Innovation Fund
LB512 Scheer Referral Change provisions relating to academic content standards and statewide assessment and reporting
LB682 Scheer General File Provide for formation of allied school systems as prescribed
LB683 Scheer Delivered to Governor Change a reference to federal rules and regulations relating to storm water management
LB726 Scheer General File Provide for changing the number of school board members in Class II and Class III school districts
LB779 Scheer Referral Change duties of the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education relating to transfer-of-credit policies
LB895 Scheer Referral Change compensation rate for certain volunteers under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB968 Scheer Referral Provide additional powers for certain sanitary and improvement districts
LR21 Scheer Congratulate the Norfolk Catholic High School football team for winning the 2012 Class C-1 state championship
LR92 Scheer Congratulate the Madison High School wrestling team on winning the 2013 Class C state dual championship
LR95 Scheer Congratulate the Newman Grove High School girls' bowling team on winning the 2013 Class D state championship
LR119 Scheer Congratulate Newman Grove, Nebraska, on its 125th anniversary
LR264 Scheer Referral Interim study to examine the education data system
LR316 Scheer Referral Interim study to examine unfair insurance trade practices
LR512 Scheer Referral Encourage Nebraska high schools to offer hands-only CPR training
LR519 Scheer Referral Interim study to evaluate current course offering for high school students in Nebraska