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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB488 Howard Referral Adopt school district requirements for mental health education and change school district requirements for drug awareness and prevention
LB422 Howard Referral Adopt the Art Therapy Practice Act
LB1124 Howard General File Adopt the Opioid Prevention and Treatment Act
LB1058 Howard Referral Adopt the Population Health Information Act
LB466 Howard Referral Adopt the Redistricting Act
LB1146 Howard Referral Appropriate funds for the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center-Kearney
LB112A Howard Passed Appropriation Bill
LB460A Howard Passed Appropriation Bill
LB556A Howard Passed Appropriation Bill
LB1185A Howard Select File Appropriation Bill
LB111 Howard Passed Change a certificate of title application signature requirement as prescribed
LB423 Howard Referral Change and eliminate provisions relating to school-based health centers under the Medical Assistance Act
LB1059 Howard Referral Change provisions relating to health care facility licensure
LB556 Howard Passed Change provisions relating to prescriptions for controlled substances and the prescription drug monitoring program
LB388 Howard General File Change provisions relating to termination of parental rights, placement of children, and guardianship
LB389 Howard Referral Change provisions relating to termination of parental rights
LB1188 Howard Select File Change provisions relating to youth rehabilitation and treatment centers
LB1085 Howard Referral Change terminology related to the Public Counsel
LB248 Howard Passed Change terminology relating to hearing-impaired persons
LB427 Howard Passed Change terminology relating to legitimacy of children
LB249 Howard Referral Change the statute of limitations for civil actions arising from a sexual assault
LR325 Howard Congratulate Leona R. Doll on her 100th birthday
LR56 Howard Congratulate Reverend Keith Winton on his ordination as a priest in the Episcopal Church
LR102 Howard Congratulate the family of Thomas Rogers Kimball on his induction into the Nebraska Hall of Fame
LB640 Howard Referral Include study relative to the Holocaust and other genocides in provisions relating to multicultural education
LR160 Howard Referral Interim study to assess the mental and behavioral health needs of Nebraskans and the current shortages of services and resources
LR226 Howard Referral Interim study to examine and assess prescribing practices of health care providers related to opioids and the effectiveness of Nebraska's prescription drug monitoring program
LR163 Howard Referral Interim study to examine issues under the jurisdiction of the Health and Human Services Committee
LR117 Howard Referral Interim study to examine matters related to cemeteries
LB548 Howard Referral Prohibit restraining animals during certain disasters or weather events
LB62 Howard Passed Provide for education regarding and treatment of trichomoniasis
LB112 Howard Passed Provide for waiver of certain occupational and licensing fees as prescribed
LR298 Howard Referral Provide the Executive Board appoint a special committee of the Legislature to be known as the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center Special Oversight Committee of the Legislature
LR329 Howard Recognize March 2020 as MS Awareness Month in Nebraska
LR93 Howard Recognize the hard work of Share Omaha and their commitment to helping nonprofit organizations
LR24 Howard Recognize the lifetime service of Lieutenant Colonel Ervin H. Goeden
LB875 Howard Referral Require a medicaid state plan amendment for outpatient assisted therapy
LB489 Howard Referral Require registration for the prescription drug monitoring system
LB1191 Howard Referral Require the Department of Health and Human Services, the Office of Juvenile Services, and the Department of Correctional Services to allow employees to speak to members of the Legislature and the Public Counsel
LB874 Howard Referral Restate intent regarding funding programs from the Nebraska Health Care Cash Fund