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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB310A Vargas Passed Appropriation Bill
LB1053 Health and Human Services Committee General File Require rules and regulations for hospital and nursing facility medicaid reimbursement rates
LB1054 Kolterman Final Reading Define the required beginning date and change deferment of payment provisions under certain retirement plans
LB1055 Brewer Select File Change provisions for voting by mail in certain counties
LB1056 Lowe General File Provide for temporary expansion of licensed premises under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB1057 Lowe Referral Change provisions regarding appeals of certain zoning decisions by county planning commissions and county boards
LB1058 Howard Referral Adopt the Population Health Information Act
LB1059 Howard Referral Change provisions relating to health care facility licensure
LB1060 Cavanaugh Select File Include hair textures and protective hairstyles within the definition of race under the Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act
LB1061 Crawford Final Reading Change the Child Protection and Family Safety Act and eliminate a committee
LB1062 Lathrop Referral Allow the Department of Correctional Services to establish a predischarge reentry pilot program
LB1063 Lindstrom Referral Change provisions relating to the State Treasurer and treasury management
LB1064 Briese General File Change provisions relating to the sale and use of tobacco products
LB1065 Halloran Referral Change provisions regarding pharmacies, pharmacists, and pharmacy personnel
LB1066 Erdman Referral Change provisions for modifying school district boundaries
LB1067 Erdman Referral Provide for the crossing of a controlled-access highway by an all-terrain vehicle or utility-type vehicle
LB1068 Hunt General File Adopt the Interior Design Voluntary Registration Act
LB1069 Bolz Referral Appropriate funds to the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska
LB1070 Murman General File Change a sales tax exemption relating to agricultural machinery and equipment
LB1071 Hughes Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Wildlife Damage Recovery Act
LB1072 Hughes Referral Authorize certain natural resources districts to issue flood protection bonds and use bond proceeds as prescribed
LB1073 DeBoer Referral Create the School Financing Review Commission, add basic funding aid, and change adjusted valuations, the local effort rate, and certification dates
LB1074 Linehan General File Change provisions relating to the assessment of improvements on leased lands and the collection of certain fees and taxes
LB1075 Linehan Referral Change tax provisions relating to net book value
LB1076 Bolz Referral Change provisions relating to eligible programs for the Community College Gap Assistance Program Act
LB1077 Wayne Referral Change legislative declarations and findings relating to traffic congestion in municipal areas
LB1078 Wayne Referral Adopt the Municipal Inland Port Authority Act
LB1079 Wishart Referral Appropriate funds to the Nebraska State Patrol
LB1080 Lathrop Select File Require school policies that prohibit sexual conduct with students and former students
LB1081 Morfeld Referral Change provisions on postconviction relief
LB1082 Morfeld Referral Increase the indigent defense court filing fee
LB1083 Morfeld General File Change provisions relating to the Meadowlark Program
LB1084 Kolterman Referral Adopt the Nebraska Transformational Projects Act
LB1085 Howard Referral Change terminology related to the Public Counsel
LB1086 Hansen, M. General File Provide for poll watchers under the Election Act
LB1087 Friesen Referral Change provisions relating to partial payments of property taxes
LB1088 Friesen General File Provide for personalized message specialty license plates
LB1089 Vargas Referral Require students to complete the FAFSA prior to graduation from high school
LB1090 Blood Referral Allow local governing bodies to suspend liquor licenses for nonpayment of taxes, fees, and special assessments
LB1091 Vargas Referral Adopt the Face Surveillance Privacy Act
LB1092 Stinner Withdrawn Change and transfer contract provisions under the Medical Assistance Act and create a fund
LB1093 Stinner Referral State intent regarding appropriations for nursing facility services under the medical assistance program
LB1094 Murman Referral Change lien provisions on support order judgments
LB1095 McDonnell Referral Authorize counties containing a city of the metropolitan class to establish juvenile justice programs and services
LB1096 McDonnell Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Correctional Services
LB1097 McDonnell Referral Appropriate funds to the Supreme Court
LB1098 McDonnell Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Economic Development
LB1099 Pansing Brooks Referral Create a fund under the Nebraska State Capitol Preservation and Restoration Act
LB1100 Bolz Referral State intent regarding appropriations for mental health and behavioral health services
LB1101 Halloran Referral Change the schedule of compensation for certain injuries resulting in disability under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB1102 Walz Referral Provide an appropriation for volunteer emergency medical care providers
LB1103 Hansen, M. Referral Change requirements for lump-sum settlement approval or release by the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court
LB1104 Arch Referral Redefine a term under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act
LB1105 Hansen, B. Referral Change audit provisions under the Medical Assistance Act
LR297 Hilkemann Referral Provide each resolution petitioning Congress to call for a constitutional convention under Article V of the Constitution included in this resolution be automatically rescinded if the convention is not called on or before January 1, 2021