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LB467A Kolterman Passed Appropriation Bill
LB722A Baker Passed Appropriation Bill
LB754A Crawford Passed Appropriation Bill
LB768A Garrett Indefinitely postponed Appropriation Bill
LB901A Kolterman Indefinitely postponed Appropriation Bill
LB908A Kolterman Passed Appropriation Bill
LB977A Smith Passed Appropriation Bill
LB1003A Smith Indefinitely postponed Appropriation Bill
LR477 Seiler Congratulate the Hastings St. Cecilia girls' volleyball team on winning the 2015 Class C-2 state championship
LR478 Kintner Congratulate the Lourdes Central Catholic High School boys' basketball team on winning the 2016 Class D-1 state championship
LR479 Davis Recognize the Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center and the Mari Sandoz Heritage Society
LR480 Johnson Congratulate the Bishop Neumann High School boys' basketball team on winning the 2016 Class C-1 state championship
LR481 Harr Congratulate Brother Mike Wilmot and Gesu Housing for receiving a 2016 Community Excellence Award
LR482 Harr Recognize the contributions to public service made by Thomas Francis Cavanaugh and extend sympathy to his family
LR483 Kolterman Referral Interim study to examine the public employees retirement systems administered by the Public Employees Retirement Board
LR484 Schnoor Recognize Staff Sergeant Kenneth M. Morrison for his service and congratulate him on being named a 2015 Outstanding Airman of the Year