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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB954 Krist Passed Change provisions relating to access to records for and investigations by the Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare
LB955 Scheer Indefinitely postponed Except the University of Nebraska and the Nebraska State College System from participation in certain state contracts regarding electronic payments
LB956 Speaker Hadley Passed Provide for deficit appropriations
LB957 Speaker Hadley Passed Provide, change, and eliminate fund provisions and change artwork, renovation, and replacement provisions for state buildings
LB958 Gloor Passed Change provisions relating to property tax credits
LB959 Sullivan Passed Change provisions relating to minimum levy adjustments and averaging adjustments under the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act and certain school district levy and bonding authority
LB960 Smith Passed Adopt the Transportation Innovation Act and provide transfers from the Cash Reserve Fund
LB961 Chambers Indefinitely postponed Eliminate provisions relating to hunting mountain lions
LB962 Fox Indefinitely postponed Change requirements for the practice of acupuncture
LB963 Fox Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to area plans and budgets under the Nebraska Community Aging Services Act
LB964 Hilkemann Indefinitely postponed Change a veteran notation requirement on a motor vehicle operator's license or state identification card
LB965 Cook Indefinitely postponed Provide for expungement of records for persons charged with or found guilty of a crime because of stolen identity or mistaken identity
LB966 Kintner Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Refugee Resettlement Agency Indemnification Act
LB967 Kintner Indefinitely postponed Change learning community provisions relating to enrollment and levies
LB968 Johnson Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to an agriculture promotion and development program
LB969 Larson Indefinitely postponed Provide and change duties for the establishment, maintenance, and operation of public libraries or reading rooms by cities or villages
LB970 Larson Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to pickle cards and keno and authorize methods of payment for gambling
LB971 Gloor Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to restoration of seized firearms
LB972 Harr Indefinitely postponed Change a provision under the Employment Security Law relating to an exclusion from the definition of employment
LB973 Smith Passed Change penalty, permit, and notice provisions relating to electric utility lines, poles, and structures
LB974 Kolowski Indefinitely postponed Exempt sales of clothing, school supplies, computers, and computer-related accessories from sales and use taxes
LB975 Kolterman Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Child Welfare Services Preservation Act
LB976 Seiler Withdrawn Change provisions relating to jury sequestration
LB977 Smith Passed Provide state assistance for public transportation, ordinance and resolution powers regarding weight restrictions, Breast Cancer Awareness Plates, electronic processing of commercial drivers' licenses and permits, and operation of implements of husbandry and change specialty license plate provisions, distribution of taxes and fees, use of blue and amber lights, and motor vehicle industry provisions
LB978 Craighead Passed Change provisions relating to the state purchasing card program and facilities construction and administration and eliminate obsolete provisions
LB979 Kuehn Indefinitely postponed Provide for selection of interchangeable biological products by pharmacists
LB980 Morfeld Indefinitely postponed Change penalty provisions for certain violations relating to or committed by persons experiencing or witnessing a drug overdose
LB981 Business and Labor Committee Passed Provide for payment of claims against the state
LB982 Business and Labor Committee Indefinitely postponed Deny payment of claims against the state
LB983 Harr Indefinitely postponed Change the definition of disability under the Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act
LB984 Schumacher Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to mandatory minimum sentencing and sentencing of habitual criminals
LB985 Schumacher Indefinitely postponed Provide reporting duties for regional behavioral health authorities
LB986 Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee Indefinitely postponed Change duties of the Public Employees Retirement Board relating to an annual valuation report and experience study
LB987 Morfeld Indefinitely postponed Create the Bioscience Steering Committee
LB988 Cook Indefinitely postponed Change distribution provisions for the Health Care Homes for the Medically Underserved Fund
LB989 Murante Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to motor vehicles
LR405 Murante Congratulate the Gretna High School play production team for winning the 2015 Class A Production state championship
LR406 Gloor Referral Interim study to examine issues surrounding the blending of various fuels in Nebraska and the impact of right to blend laws in other states
LR407 Craighead Congratulate Alyssa Howell on being crowned Miss Nebraska 2015
LR408 Craighead Congratulate John "Jack" Koraleski on being named the 119th King of Aksarben
LR409 Craighead Congratulate Molly Kroeger on being named the 119th Queen of Aksarben
LR410 Craighead Congratulate Bruce Lauritzen on being named the 2015 Midlander of the Year by the Omaha World-Herald
LR411 Coash Congratulate Tim Aylward on his retirement from coaching and recognize his successful career