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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB156 Watermeier Passed Eliminate a report made to the Department of Health and Human Services by counties utilizing a community service program
LB157 Cook Indefinitely postponed State intent relating to the appropriation of funds in support of dental services
LB158 Seiler Passed Change provisions relating to eligibility for and use of ignition interlock devices
LB159 Schumacher Indefinitely postponed Provide and change sales tax provisions relating to gold, silver, and platinum and provide a tax amnesty
LB160 Schumacher Indefinitely postponed Provide for electronic signatures on recall, initiative, and referendum petitions
LB161 McGill Indefinitely postponed Change a penalty for violation of building ordinances or regulations of a city of the metropolitan class
LB162 McGill Indefinitely postponed Provide for notification of eligibility for an associate degree as prescribed
LB163 McGill Indefinitely postponed Provide for a report on education credentials and workforce needs
LB164 Dubas Passed Change motor vehicle auction provisions
LB165 Dubas Passed Change provisions relating to motor vehicle dealer warranty service
LB166 Schilz Passed Change labeling requirements for lawn and turf seed containers
LB167 McCoy Indefinitely postponed Change balloting and vacancy provisions for presidential electors
LB168 Larson Indefinitely postponed Authorize series limited liability companies
LB169 Gloor Passed Change provisions relating to jury commissioners
LB170 Gloor Passed Rename and expand the purpose of the Nebraska Educational Finance Authority Act
LB171 Bloomfield Indefinitely postponed Provide for an expedited concealed handgun permit process for applicants who are victims of domestic violence
LB172 Coash Passed Change court filings for guardianships and conservatorships
LB173 Coash Passed Change provisions relating to documentary proof of age under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB174 Mello Passed Change penalties for violation of ordinances or regulations and provisions on load contents and spillage in cities of the metropolitan class
LB175 Smith Indefinitely postponed Change the persons authorized to represent Nebraska under the streamlined sales and use tax agreement
LB176 Smith Indefinitely postponed Exempt military retirement benefits from taxation as prescribed
LB177 Smith Indefinitely postponed Provide enforcement and penalty provisions to the Nebraska Wage Payment and Collection Act
LB178 Kintner Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to transportation reimbursement and state aid relative to learning communities
LB179 Kintner Indefinitely postponed Eliminate learning communities
LB180 Adams Passed Provide for the waiver of education-related fees for dependents of veterans
LB181 Avery Indefinitely postponed Prohibit motorcycle passengers less than eight years old
LB182 Avery Indefinitely postponed Change paternity provisions for a child conceived as a result of sexual assault
LB183 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Provide for county board appointment of election commissioners
LB184 Haar Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds for the Nebraska Wind Applications Center
LB185 Christensen Indefinitely postponed Authorize state assistance for streamflow enhancement projects undertaken by natural resources districts
LB186 Christensen Indefinitely postponed Restrict rule and regulation authority of natural resources districts
LB187 Nelson Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds to the Department of Health and Human Services to fund the Dental Health Director
LB188 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Require legislative approval of gubernatorially appointed election commissioners
LB189 Harms Indefinitely postponed Change provisions and penalties relating to occupant protection systems
LB190 Harms Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds for the Early Childhood Education Endowment Cash Fund
LB191 Nordquist Passed Adopt the Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization Act, provide tax credits, and change certain valuation provisions as prescribed
LB192 Karpisek Passed Change provisions relating to requests for information by the Auditor of Public Accounts
LB193 Nelson Indefinitely postponed Change funding for the Nebraska Cultural Preservation Endowment Fund