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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB893 Christensen Indefinitely postponed Provide refund procedures for unconstitutional taxes and assessments
LB894 Pirsch Passed Change provisions relating to shoplifting and prohibit possession of any store security device countermeasure
LB895 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Change procedures for filling vacancies on a natural resources district board
LB896 Christensen Indefinitely postponed Provide a permit for exceeding weight limits for vehicles transporting livestock
LB897 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change income limits for homestead tax exemption purposes
LB898 Haar Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Student Expression Act
LB899 Nordquist Indefinitely postponed Change retirement benefit adjustment provisions
LB900 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Change retail license fees for sales of alcohol
LB901 Wightman Passed Change child custody determination provisions
LB902 Howard Indefinitely postponed Provide for an information form for assisted-living facilities
LB903 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require the Department of Health and Human Services to establish criteria to evaluate the adequacy of Alzheimer's special care units
LB904 Howard Indefinitely postponed Provide for enhanced assisted-living certificates for certain assisted-living facilities
LB905 Dubas Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to discharge of firearms
LB906 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Eliminate restrictions on sales of alcohol near certain places
LB907 Conrad Passed Change provisions relating to homestead property exempt from execution
LB908 Conrad Passed Change workers' compensation provisions relating to claims for legal services or disbursements
LB909 Carlson Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to division fences
LB910 Carlson Passed Change the Commercial Dog and Cat Operator Inspection Act
LB911 Langemeier Passed Change a date relating to development of a statewide biotechnology strategic plan
LB912 Pahls Indefinitely postponed Prohibit occupant recovery limits in uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage
LB913 Council Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Criminal Offender Employment Act
LB914 Sullivan Passed Change a provision relating to the duty to stop after a motor vehicle accident
LB915 McGill Indefinitely postponed Provide for use of motor vehicle operator license numbers and state identification card numbers in compiling jury lists
LB916 Heidemann Indefinitely postponed Authorize leases on school lands for solar and wind energy production
LB917 Rogert Indefinitely postponed Exempt municipal water from sales and use taxes
LB918 Hadley Passed Redefine certain terms and provide certain tax incentives under the Nebraska Advantage Act
LR285 Schilz Congratulate the Arthur County High School football team for winning the 2009 six-man football state championship
LR286CA Fischer Indefinitely postponed Constitutional amendment to create the Highway Trust Fund, designate revenue sources, and provide for uses
LR287 Coash Congratulate Cody E. Talbott for earning the rank of Eagle Scout