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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB245 Dubas Indefinitely postponed Change provisions governing unlawful obstruction of railroad crossings
LB246 Dubas Passed Provide for a statewide strategic plan for biotechnology and repeal the Biopower Steering Committee
LB247 Dubas Indefinitely postponed Require accreditation of the Division of Children and Family Services of the Department of Health and Human Services
LB248 Dubas Indefinitely postponed Change income tax credit provisions
LB249 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Change sales tax collection fees
LB250 Gloor Indefinitely postponed Change physician assistant provisions
LB251 Cornett Passed Update references to the Internal Revenue Code
LB252 Cornett Passed Prohibit possession of animal fighting paraphernalia
LB253 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Adopt a new Nebraska Juvenile Code and change child abuse reporting and registry, child relinquishment, and Foster Care Review Act provisions
LB254 Dubas Passed Require a Nebraska aerial pesticide business license for aerial pesticide application
LB255 Harms Indefinitely postponed Require lap-shoulder belts in school buses
LB256 Harms Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds to the Game and Parks Commission
LB257 Harms Indefinitely postponed Eliminate the Seamless Delivery System Pilot Project
LB258 Harms Passed Change and provide penalties for minors in possession of alcoholic liquor
LB259 Utter Passed Clarify Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation coverage with respect to public funds
LB260 Rogert Passed Adopt the Nebraska Claims for Wrongful Conviction and Imprisonment Act
LB261 Rogert Passed Provide for use of machine-readable information encoded on drivers' licenses and state identification cards
LB262 Rogert Indefinitely postponed Change times relating to alcoholic liquor sales and lottery sales as prescribed
LB263 Rogert Passed Provide that state law preempts local law for the Nebraska Seed Law and the Nebraska Commercial Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner Act
LB264 Fischer Indefinitely postponed Change motor fuel tax calculations
LB265 Giese Indefinitely postponed Change the Sexual Predator Residency Restriction Act
LB266 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Racetrack Gaming Act and change provisions relating to horseracing
LB267 Lathrop Indefinitely postponed Prohibit mandatory overtime for state employees providing services to individuals in residential care
LB268 Lathrop Indefinitely postponed Require liability insurance as prescribed for child care licensees
LB269 Heidemann Indefinitely postponed Change Nebraska Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund, Nebraska Health Care Cash Fund, and Stem Cell Research Cash Fund provisions
LB270 Haar Indefinitely postponed Create a homestead property tax exemption
LB271 Haar Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Car Tax Reduction Act
LB272 Friend Indefinitely postponed Redefine underground facility for purposes of the one-call notification system
LB273 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Change sheriff's fees and handgun certificate fees
LB274 Christensen Passed Authorize the Director of Correctional Services to assign felony offenders to an incarceration work camp as prescribed
LB275 McGill Indefinitely postponed Require crisis, information, and referral services relating to behavioral health
LB276 Nordquist Indefinitely postponed Change criminal mischief provisions and prohibit defacement
LB277 Mello Indefinitely postponed Prohibit the purchase of spray paint and industrial-strength marking pens by minors
LB278 Mello Passed Permit municipalities to allow pedestrians to solicit in roadways
LB279 Avery Passed Require notification to military installations regarding development of real property
LB280 Avery Indefinitely postponed Create the Commission on Military Affairs
LB281 Mello Indefinitely postponed Change educational service unit board membership provisions
LB282 Mello Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Nebraska Advantage Film Production Incentive Act
LB283 Cornett Indefinitely postponed Change community college aid calculations
LB284 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Authorize employment restrictions for sexual predators
LB285 Pirsch Passed Change Sex Offender Registration Act provisions
LB286 General Affairs Committee Passed Change definite profit amounts relating to bingo and pickle cards and change distribution of lottery funds
LB287 General Affairs Committee Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the definite profit of pickle cards
LR6CA Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Constitutional amendment to authorize and regulate racetrack gaming