Nebraska Uniform Commercial Code 7-506

UCC 7-506


Delivery without indorsement: right to compel indorsement.

The transferee of a negotiable tangible document of title has a specifically enforceable right to have its transferor supply any necessary indorsement, but the transfer becomes a negotiation only as of the time the indorsement is supplied.



  • Prior Uniform Statutory Provision: Former section 7-506.

  • Changes: Limited to tangible documents of title.

  • Purposes:

  • 1. This section is limited to tangible documents of title as the concept of indorsement is irrelevant to electronic documents of title. Electronic documents of title will be transferred by delivery of control. Section 7-106. From a commercial point of view the intention to transfer a tangible negotiable document of title which requires an indorsement for its transfer, is incompatible with an intention to withhold such indorsement and so defeat the effective use of the document. Further, the preceding section and the comment thereto make it clear that an indorsement generally imposes no responsibility on the indorser.

  • 2. Although this section provides that delivery of a tangible document of title without the necessary indorsement is effective as a transfer, the transferee, of course, has not regularized its position until such indorsement is supplied. Until this is done the transferee cannot claim rights under due negotiation within the requirements of this article (section 7-501(a)(5)) on "due negotiation". Similarly, despite the transfer to the transferee of the transferor's title, the transferee cannot demand the goods from the bailee until the negotiation has been completed and the document is in proper form for surrender. See section 7-403(c).

  • Cross References:

  • Point 1: Sections 7-106 and 7-505.

  • Point 2: Sections 7-403(c) and 7-501(a)(5).

  • Definitional Cross References:

  • "Document of title". Section 1-201.

  • "Rights". Section 1-201.