Nebraska Uniform Commercial Code 5-105

UCC 5-105



Consideration is not required to issue, amend, transfer, or cancel a letter of credit, advice, or confirmation.


  • Laws 1996, LB 1028, § 7.



  • It is not to be expected that any issuer will issue its letter of credit without some form of remuneration. But it is not expected that the beneficiary will know what the issuer's remuneration was or whether in fact there was any identifiable remuneration in a given case. And it might be difficult for the beneficiary to prove the issuer's remuneration. This section dispenses with this proof and is consistent with the position of Lord Mansfield in Pillans v. Van Mierop, 97 Eng.Rep. 1035 (K.B. 1765) in making consideration irrelevant.