Nebraska Uniform Commercial Code 4-501

UCC 4-501


Handling of documentary drafts; duty to send for presentment and to notify customer of dishonor.

A bank that takes a documentary draft for collection shall present or send the draft and accompanying documents for presentment and, upon learning that the draft has not been paid or accepted in due course, shall seasonably notify its customer of the fact even though it may have discounted or bought the draft or extended credit available for withdrawal as of right.


  • Laws 1963, c. 544, Art. IV, § 4-501, p. 1833;
  • Laws 1991, LB 161, § 108.



  • This section states the duty of a bank handling a documentary draft for a customer. "Documentary draft" is defined in section 4-104. The duty stated exists even if the bank has bought the draft. This is because to the customer the draft normally represents an underlying commercial transaction, and if that is not going through as planned the customer should know it promptly. An electronic document of title may be presented through allowing access to the document or delivery of the document. Article 1, section 1-201 (definition of "delivery").