Nebraska Uniform Commercial Code 3-301

UCC 3-301


Person entitled to enforce instrument.

"Person entitled to enforce" an instrument means (i) the holder of the instrument, (ii) a nonholder in possession of the instrument who has the rights of a holder, or (iii) a person not in possession of the instrument who is entitled to enforce the instrument pursuant to section 3-309 or 3-418(d). A person may be a person entitled to enforce the instrument even though the person is not the owner of the instrument or is in wrongful possession of the instrument.


  • Laws 1991, LB 161, § 31.



  • This section replaces former section 3-301 that stated the rights of a holder. The rights stated in former section 3-301 to transfer, negotiate, enforce, or discharge an instrument are stated in other sections of article 3. In revised article 3, section 3-301 defines "person entitled to enforce" an instrument. The definition recognizes that enforcement is not limited to holders. The quoted phrase includes a person enforcing a lost or stolen instrument. Section 3-309. It also includes a person in possession of an instrument who is not a holder. A nonholder in possession of an instrument includes a person that acquired rights of a holder by subrogation or under section 3-203(a). It also includes any other person who under applicable law is a successor to the holder or otherwise acquires the holder's rights.