Nebraska Uniform Commercial Code 2-507

UCC 2-507


Effect of seller's tender; delivery on condition.

(1) Tender of delivery is a condition to the buyer's duty to accept the goods and, unless otherwise agreed, to his duty to pay for them. Tender entitles the seller to acceptance of the goods and to payment according to the contract.

(2) Where payment is due and demanded on the delivery to the buyer of goods or documents of title, his right as against the seller to retain or dispose of them is conditional upon his making the payment due.


  • Laws 1963, c. 544, Art. II, § 2-507, p. 1741.


  • Where a seller of cattle reserved title in the invoice until payment was made, the buyer's right as against the seller is conditioned upon payment. Mid-South Order Buyers, Inc. v. Platte Valley Livestock, Inc., 210 Neb. 382, 315 N.W.2d 229 (1982).


  • Prior Uniform Statutory Provision: See sections 11, 41, 42, and 69, Uniform Sales Act.

  • Purposes:

  • 1. Subsection (1) continues the policies of the prior uniform statutory provisions with respect to tender and delivery by the seller. Under this article the same rules in these matters are applied to present sales and to contracts for sale. But the provisions of this subsection must be read within the framework of the other sections of this article which bear upon the question of delivery and payment.

  • 2. The "unless otherwise agreed" provision of subsection (1) is directed primarily to cases in which payment in advance has been promised or a letter of credit term has been included. Payment "according to the contract" contemplates immediate payment, payment at the end of an agreed credit term, payment by a time acceptance, or the like. Under the code, "contract" means the total obligation in law which results from the parties' agreement including the effect of this article. In this context, therefor, there must be considered the effect in law of such provisions as those on means and manner of payment and on failure of agreed means and manner of payment.

  • 3. Subsection (2) deals with the effect of a conditional delivery by the seller and in such a situation makes the buyer's "right as against the seller" conditional upon payment. These words are used as words of limitation to conform with the policy set forth in the bona fide purchase sections of this article. Should the seller after making such a conditional delivery fail to follow up his or her rights, the condition is waived. This subsection (2) codifies the cash seller's right of reclamation which is in the nature of a lien. There is no specific time limit for a cash seller to exercise the right of reclamation. However, the right will be defeated by delay causing prejudice to the buyer, waiver, estoppel, or ratification of the buyer's right to retain possession. Common law rules and precedents governing such principles are applicable (section 1-103). If third parties are involved, section 2-403(1) protects good faith purchasers.

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